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If the time has come for You to "Find Your Dream Home", then I would love to help. New properties are listed every day. By filling out the form, I can have new Listings emailed to You as soon as they become available.

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The Equity in your home is like any other investment - it needs to be monitored. Homeowners should have their Equity evaluated once a year. Now might be the perfect time.

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Top 7 Things That Can Ruin A Sale

Firm Price: In the mistaken belief that they are separating the serious buyers from the tire kickers, some sellers will make it clear that the price of the house is "firm." That statement...

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Top 7 Mistakes Sellers Make

Every seller wants to get top dollar for their property and sell it fast. Unfortunately reality often gets in the way.   Over Improvement: Everything is relative and an amount of improvement...

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When Is The Right Time To Buy A Home?

It is possible to buy and sell a home at the exactly wrong time from the standpoint of market dynamics. In the severe real estate corrections recently seen in many parts of Canada...

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Home Buying Assistance

Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

Many home buyers suffer remorse once the offer has been accepted and the real estate transaction has been launched: there are ways to avoid falling into the home buying remorse trap, and building your confidence so that you know that you've made the right decision.

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The Process Of Offers & Negotiations

The process of placing an offer can often be convoluted and complex, and the negotiations can be truly exasperating. In cases such as this it is important to keep your emotions at bay, your eye on the prize, and exercise patience and rational common sense.

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Home Buying Checklist

There are far too many factors to consider when viewing any property to be able to make adequate mental notes: here is a comprehensive checklist that you should endeavour to fill out in its entirety for any property on which you are seriously considering placing an offer.

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How Buying A Car Reduces The Amount Of Mortgage Funding

Few first time home buyers are aware that their obligation to a sizeable vehicle loan payment can actually reduce the amount of money that they are able to qualify for in a mortgage loan by $50,000 or much more.

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How Current Market Conditions Can Affect Your Offer Price

What are the differences between a Seller's, Buyer's, and Balanced Market, and what are the various factors you have to consider when you are making that extremely critical determination as to how much you are willing and able to offer for the home of your dreams?

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Placing The Right Contingencies In Your Offer

Failing to place the proper contingencies (also referred to as conditions) in an offer can result in massive financial and legal entanglements: these are the questions that you have to ask before finalizing any offer about the various contingencies that can protect you from disaster.

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Home Selling Assistance

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Home?

There are many more factors in making the decision to sell your residential property that go far beyond the current market dynamics in your neighbourhood. Interest rates, seasonality, the economic trends in your area, and various family aspects also have to be blended into the equation.

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The Pricing Strategies Of Real Estate Pros

There is an overwhelming amount of information that goes into making a determination of the actual current market valuation of your home which not only involves the meticulous analysis of reams of data, but also the savvy and experience of a professional real estate agent.

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How A Maid Service Can Make You Thousands Of Dollars

Sellers often believe that they have to spend thousands of dollars in major improvements to significantly affect their home's selling price, but there is one expenditure every seller should undertake which costs just a few hundred dollars and can add thousands of dollars to the sale price: a professional maid service.

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Is An Exclusive Listing Right For You?

At first it sounds counter-intuitive to place your property into a listing where it is invisible from anyone conducting online searches through your local MLS website, but exclusive listings can be very advantageous if your home fits a very specific and narrow set of specifications.

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Understanding How Your House Is Advertised

Many sellers are surprised to learn that the primary reason why their property is prominently featured on the big splashy ads run by the real estate agency in the local newspapers and magazines is not to directly sell their home at all: it's just to expand the buyer pool and impress them to get their listing!

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Will You Need A Bridge Loan?

Your new home is closing in June but your old home isn't closing until July... what do you do? You resort to a Bridge Loan: a temporary, short term mortgage which essentially covers your down payment amount on your new home for a few weeks until you can harmonize the housing chain.

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